August 2020 - exhibition "The End" in St. Petersburg.

July 2021 - "Crisis Design" exhibition in Moscow.

February 2023 - "Eros" exhibition in St. Petersburg.

March 2023 - "Primal Member of Modern Society" exhibition in Moscow.

July 2023 - "Drawings on the walls: Carousel" joint exhibition in St. Petersburg.

September 2023 - "Time turns pain into commerce" exhibition in St. Petersburg.

Artist CV
As a sociologist, I've always been interested in the processes of society.

As a scientist, I've always been interested in how human beings work.

Everything I create as an artist is a reflection on these processes: Religion, technology, AI, the digital age, information, death, mentality, laws, human consciousness.

Each of my exhibitions is an attempt to jump above my head and not to repeat myself. I try not to be tied to a single style, but those who have been following me for a long time can intuitively distinguish my works from the rest.
Artist statement